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What’s in a name?

Kona as in coffee, Jasmine as in tea. Two Golden Retriever sisters. Ken suggested Hazel and Gracie, in homage to two hurricanes that battered the South Carolina coast decades ago much as we anticipated our girls would unleash their energy onto our home. Cute, catchy, I thought. But Jasmine it would be for “curly girl.” Why? Because Christian liked it, that’s why. And, Kona for “Bella Jr.” Kona means lady in Hawaiian. I liked it; it stuck.

“Coffee, tea or milk?” makes me think of stewardesses…I mean, flight attendants… which leads to planes and travel. I love to travel. I obsess about travel. I was three-months-old when I was headed on a transoceanic adventure to Australia. When, as my mother tells it, a young nun played her guitar and sang to me to keep me from crying. I recall the days when a 17-hour nonstop flight was unheard of. What’s the allure? Tell me who would not find it intriguing to stop for refueling in Tashkent, U.S.S.R., where a plane from far away was so coveted by the natives peering from behind a chain link fence? Or look forward to stepping out into the bright tropic sun in Pago Pago, to peruse the puka shell necklaces displayed on the tarmac, sold by native women dressed in muumuus?

So, Coffee, Tea, or Dog…a record of our lives, our family, our adventures with our new pups. A way to share, reflect, remember, laugh, and maybe even cry. Fear not those who do not covet Canis lupus familiaris as I will write about other topics too such as travel (did I mention that I really, really like to travel?), food (need I say more?), architecture (trust me, it’s big), kidz stuff (ok, PRE-teen stuff), and even work (technology is cool and inevitable so embrace it!).

We are experienced pet owners (I’ll write about Pawley later). But little did we know about the culture of DOG TIMES TWO.  Follow us on this adventure…