It’s a Wild Week

This week, Ken’s cooking has gone wild.

Let me be very clear: We are not hunters. Well, Ken and Christian did witness a gator’s demise, but neither pulled the trigger.

Freshly processed bounty from friends who hunt? We’re game. Really.

So, what to do with one and a half pounds of ground venison? We considered making it into patties and grilling them but thought the meat may be too lean. What then? Johnny Marzzetti courtesy of Et voila! Lunch and dinner for the week. Tip: It’s okay to substitute brown rice for the pasta.

Two pounds of alligator filets? Trim them into bite size pieces, lightly dredge in flour, and sautĂ© in grape seed oil. Add some homemade, tastes-just-like Raising Cane’s dipping sauce. Not bad.

I was squeamish at first bite. But, both are really quite good. And, it is a bit like living off the land: Sitting down to dinner…in our house…on a suburban cul-de-sac knowing our food was procured not too far away, in the wild.


NOT said gator. This one is safe and sound at Brookgreen Gardens.

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