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Dogs in Black


Ken pointed out this morning that we have yet another way to refer to Jasmine and Kona, in addition to coffee and tea: We can call them J and K, after Agents J and K in Men in Black.

Somehow, I think our dogs’ repertoire as secret agents would be more like the aliens manning the coffee station in the break room of INS Division 6 headquarters.


When I am tending to Kona and Jasmine, encouraging them to “get busy” or tending to my chores as they attempt to remain calm, I often begin humming this song.

As the holidays approach, I always look forward to watching this movie again and again.

If he is close by, Ken joins in. Then we begin to sign in unison, the two whole words that we have memorized. I imagine that if the dogs were more like us monkeys, Kona would enjoy jazz, like Miles Davis, and Jasmine would belt out show tunes a la Ethel Merman.

There, now it’s in your head…hum away.