Category: Ornithology

Parrots! Parrots??

Waiting on the No. 47 Muni bus near Fisherman’s Wharf. Sunday morning. Clear, calm, and cool.

A green bird fluttering in a tree. Then another and another and then several. Now in two trees. Green birds? Ken exclaims, “Parrots!” Me: “Parrots??”

Wild parrots in San Francisco? Are you sure? Yep, sure enough. And glad we got to see them.

A Visit by Two Mycteria Americana

Two wood storks made an appearance on the pond this week. Pretty neat since they are classified as an endangered species in the U.S.

Every once in a while, a solo wood stork shows up. But Ken was quite impressed when he discovered this couple sunning themselves. Well, rather, Jasmine and Kona…well, really Jasmine…
announced their arrival.

Of course, Ken longed to take a closer look and get the perfect photo. But, better to leave such creatures in peace and enjoy their mere presence as they did not stay for long.

Oh, the girls? They were rewarded for their discovery with lounging on the sofa for the remainder of the afternoon.