Make that Eight

About a year ago, I posted my Five Know’s of Air Travel.  I have three more, three don’ts.

Number Six: This morning, as I was scarfing down a boiled egg before leaving for the airport (an attempt to not succumb to the carbohydrate-heavy smorgasbord of the near-defunct US Airways Club), I was reminded what not-to-do: Board with boiled eggs. Do not do it. I almost did, until I opened the container in which I had stored said boiled egg the evening before. Phew-yyyy! Hence why I scarfed it down in the few minutes I had to get out the door; Ken should be grateful I did this instead of doing so in the car.

Number Seven: Canned tuna fish…I do not know how people eat it. I cannot get past the stench. So, please, do not dare to think it would be nice to bring along such a sandwich for that cross-country haul.

And, Number Eight? Never smack gum. Surely, you can silently chew a piece. But, smacking and cracking it? No! Even if you are in row number one.

What are the nasty habits of others you cannot endure up in the air?


  1. Lisa Lancaster

    Painting nails – the nail polish smell lingers. AND others that I’ve noticed more since airlines don’t give you any food – Chinese takeout or strong onion smell on a sandwich. Lastly – parents that don’t tell their kids that it’s not nice to kick the seat in front of them OR play with their tray – up and down, up and down, up and down…

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